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Who are we?

Welcome to our website! We are NordCC, a passionate team of game development enthusiasts. Our goal is to create games that deliver joy and unique experiences to a wide range of players, just like us!

Also, being an international team allows us to bring diverse perspectives and ideas to our projects, enriching the gaming experience for our players.

How we work?

As an independent and proactive development team we highly value our freedom of experiment. Modern game development tools are more accessible and user-friendly than ever, so we are free to create high-quality games.

As history has shown, tiny groups of dedicated individuals can make a significant impact, and we strive to create interesting game worlds for everyone!

Our principles


Our games are designed to be engaging and unique, rather than a mere combination of familiar elements. We always keep in mind that if we, as developers, wouldn't want to immerse ourselves in our game for hours, neither would our players.


We understand that players don't want to see system requirements skyrocket, especially for games that are not even photorealistic or too complex. We always strive to achieve the best possible results while optimizing hardware resource usage.


Creating a massive open-world game with an overwhelming number of details could render it obsolete before its release. We recognize the importance of finding a sensible balance to create a quality product within a reasonable timeframe.

Contact Us

Adress: Stjepana Sarenca BB
Herceg Novi, Montenegro